Eight Chinese Canton famille rose vases and a teapot and cover, 19th C.


H 36 - 11,2 cm (the tallest and the smallest vase)

H 14,3 - L 15,5 cm (the teapot and cover)

Condition: (UV-checked)(From left to right)
- Small bottle 03 and 09 are in good condition.
- Small bottle with wooden stand 01 and 02: both top rim are completely restored with related overpainting.
- Bottle 04 with a hairline of ca. 3cm on the top rim.
- Bottle 05 with a hairline and one superficial chip on the top rim.
- Vase 06: the bottom of the vase is drilled.
- Teapot 07: cover with three small superficial chips, teapot in excellent condition.
- Bottle 08: a U-shaped section with restoed breaks.

Price incl. premium: € 1.785,00