Two French gilt and patinated bronze mantel clocks crowned with 'Geografia' and a young bohemian, 19th C.


H 40,2 - L 31 - D 11 cm (the 'Geografia' clock)

H 37,5 - L 28 - D 9,5 cm (the 'bohemian' clock)


The 'bohemian' clock: the work marked 'Medaille d'argent Paris 1823'.

The 'Geografia' clock: the (non-matching) work numbered '172'.


Condition: (UV-checked)

- The 'bohemian' clock in general in good condition, with normal superficial wear and minor traces of use. The springs tested and tension is present. The front protection glass and the pendulum missing.

- The'Geografia clock': in good condition, with the normal superficial wear. The globe with a small scratch. The work not original and hardly fitting. The springs tested and tension is present. One of the pointers missing. 




Price incl. premium: € 484,50