Goffredo Wals (1595-1638, attributed to): Animated river landscape, oil on copper, first half 17th C.


Work: 39,5 x 29 cm


Goffredo Wals (Gottfried Waals, Gottfried Waeles, Goffredo Tedesco) was a German painter, draftsperson and etcher, born in the late 16th C. in Cologne. At an early age he moved to Italy, where he was active in a.o. Rome, Genoa and Naples. He was trained by Agostino Tassi. He focused mainly on (Italianizing) landscapes in small format, often circular and painted on copper. He himself was the teacher of Antonio Travi, and, more important, Claude Lorrain. He most probably died as a victim of an earthquake. (link)


The reverse with some annotations.