Flemish school, after and entourage of Theodoor van Loon (1581-1649): The discipels recognize Christ at Emmaus, oil on canvas, 17th C.


Work: 163,5 x 112 cm

Frame: 179,5 x 128,5 cm


An old auction or exhibition label at the reverse attributes the painting to Philippe de Champaigne (1602-1675). The label on the frame mentioning his nephew Jean-Baptiste (1631-1681).

The painting is a replicate of a work by Theodoor van Loon (1581/1582-1649). The original can be seen in the Maagdenhuismuseum, Antwerp , inv./cat.nr A.38 (link). Theodoor van Loon was a German/South Netherlandish painter, who spent a part of his career in Italy, where he was immersed in the style of Caravaggio. (link)

Price incl. premium: € 4.845