Pseudo-Simons: Still life with fruit, a lobster and a Wanli bowl, oil on canvas, second half 17th C.


Work: 75 x 60,5 cm

Frame: 92 x 80,5 cm


A lobster, grapes, hazelnuts, a cut lemon and shrimp on a silver plate, grapes, peaches, plums and cherries on a tazza and strawberries in a porcelain bowl, on a partly-draped table. Mr. Fred Meijer inspected the painting and suggested the artist Pseudo-Simons (verbal communication with Christie's Amsterdam, 7 July 2008). The painting is also included in the RKD-database (link).

Pseudo-Simons is an invented name for the painter of more than a hundred unsigned still lifes with fruits and flowers. He was active in Antwerp ca. 1650-1680. During the 20th C., these works were often traded on the art market under the name Michiel Simons, which gave rise to the name Pseudo-Simons. (link)



- G.M. Clark, Cobourg (according to an inscription on the previous frame).

- Christie's Amsterdam, Sale 2802 (Old Master Pictures), 10 November 2008, lot 82.




Price incl. premium: € 14.025,00