A varied collection of Chinese famille rose, blue, white, qianjiang cai and iron-red porcelain, 19th/20th C.


H 20 cm (the jar and cover)

H 18 - L 15 cm (the largest teapot)

Dia.: 14 - 13 cm (the largest and the smallest saucer)

H 12 - L 10,2 cm (the largest box and cover)

H 12 - 10 cm (the brush pots)

H 7,5 - L 14,5 cm (the smallest teapot)

H 6,2 - 4,5 cm (the tallest and the smallest cup)

H 4,5 cm - Dia.: 8,5 cm (the smallest box and cover)


Condition: (UV-checked)

- The yellow ground famille rose bowl: in good condition, with a nigligible superficial chip to the rim and negligible losses of the enamel

- The turquoise ground famille rose vase: broken and restored

- The qianjiang cai brush pot: in very good condition

- The Nanking blue and white brush pot: in good condition, with negligible rim chips and some dirt

- The vase and cover with flower ladies and a crane: the body with a hairline, the top of the cover with a chip

- The quadrangular teapot and cover: the gilt decoration with some wear, one of the corners of the teapot with two small hairlines forming an Y

- The qianjiang cai teapot: in very good condition, the inner rim with a negligible baking flaw

- The iron-red teapot: a star-shaped hairline to the neck of the teapot, the spout with a chip

- The teapot with a crane on a branch: the top rim with one minor and one negligible chip, the spout with a small chip, the attachment of the handle with a tension hairline and a small hairline

- The teapot with the figures: the spout and the handle broken and restored, a small hairline starting from the attachment of the handle running downwards or 1 cm

- The tureen and cover: the handle of the tureen with chips and a possible tension hairline, furthermore in good condition

- The two qianjiang cai bowls and covers: one cover with a hairline and some chips, one cover with hardly visible fleabites: one bowl with a chip the the bottom inner rim, one bowl with with negligible fleabites to the inner top rim; furthermore in good condition

- The three bowls: in good condition, with negligible wear

- The seven saucers: one with hairline, one with chip and related hairline, one with three hairlines and a chip, four in good condition

- The three boxes and covers: the cover broken and restored and two fleabites to the rim (the one woth the floral design); one cover with a chip and related hairline and one cover with a fleabite to the inner rim and one lower part with some fleabites


Price incl. premium: € 828,75