Gustave Vanaise (1854-1902): 'Mfoumou Moyna Boula Matari - Chef de Vivi', oil on canvas, dated 1885


Work: 140 x 91,3 cm

Frame: 181 x 131 cm


This is more than likely a self-portrait of the painter, who portrays himself as a kind of 'chief of the good life'.



- Private collection, Belgium.


Condition: (UV-checked)

- The painting in good and hangable condition.

- The UV-light shows the typical colour of the varnish, with only a small retouching in the left bottom corner. 

- Minor superficial wear, especially to the borders, due to the framing.

- Part of the veil over the left shoulder with a faint network of craquelures.

- The painting could be streched a little more and chassis contours visible at the front. 

- Reverse with waterstains without impact on the front.

- Heavy frame with minor damage.

Price incl. premium: € 5.100