A varied collection of Chinese famille rose and qianjiang cai porcelain, 19th/20th C.


H 28 cm (the hat stand)

H 24,4 - 23,5 cm (the two vases)

H 19,7 - L 23 cm (the teapot)

Dia: 13,5 cm (the saucers)

H 5,6 cm- Dia.: 8,8 cm (the box and cover)

H 5,6 cm - Dia.: 9 cm (the two cups)

H 2,5 cm - Dia.: 8,2 cm (the two bowls)

 Condition: (UV-checked) (from left to right)
1) The cricket box and cover in excellent condition.
2) The hat stand in excellent condition, with normal superficial wear.
3) In very good condition, with minor baking flaws and small glaze losses.
4) The vase generally in very good condition. A superficial chip from the underside of the top rim and minor baking flaws.
5) A superficial rim chip and the foot rim with a baking flaw.
6) The vase with a superficial chip from the top rim, typical baking flaws throughout and both handles with minor glaze losses.
7) The cup in excellent condition.
8) The large ewer with a restored rim chip, superficial glaze loss and minor baking flaws. The lid in excellent condition
9) A small superficial rim chip, otherwise in very good condition.
10) The rim with baking flaw.
11) In excellent condition.




Price incl. premium: € 1.657,50