Peter Boyko (1954): Summer, oil on canvas, dated 2002


Work: 80 x 80 cm


The Ukrainian artist Peter Borisovich Boyko (°1954, Pryluky, Chernikiv Oblas.) entered in 1985 the Moscow All-Union Academy of Painting, from which he graduated in 1993. From the 1980s onwards, he often travelled to Odessa, where he was a member of a non-conformist avant-garde association, together with a.o. V. Basanets, E. Usov, Y. Kovalenko, as well as the painter P. Mironenko. Since 1992 he has been taking part in regional and all-Ukrainian exhibitions. Solo exhibitions were held in a.o. Chernihiv (2010), Kiev (2011) and Odessa (2012). In 2012 he became member of the National Union of Ukraine, in the aftermath of his participation in the ‘Ukrainian seasons of modern art in Hong Kong’ exhibition. His works are kept in various museum collections (Museum of Modern Art Odessa, Odessa Literary Museum, Chernihiv Regional Art Museum) and private collections (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Israel, USA).

Estimate: € 400 - € 800