Irina Miro (1971): Fog, oil on canvas, dated 2020


Work: 120 x 60,5 cm


The Ukrainian artist Irina Miro (°28 July 1971, Glukhiv) studied at NAKKKIM – the National Academy of Culture and Science. She believes the magic of painting is to convey to the eye the possibility of achieving anything through the power of mind and positive thinking. The artist's life goal is to help people to heal through painting and to change lives. She is a member of the Artists Union of France (ALAF) and participated in numerous exhibitions and auctions in Ukraine and abroad. Due to the ongoing Russian aggression in Ukraine, Irina has lost everything: her home, her advice of painting again. She now resides in the UK, where she is trying to pick up painting again. Her work can be found in various private collections (a.o. Germany, England, Sweden, France, Denmark).

Estimate: € 400 - € 800