Une collection variée en porcelaine de Chine famille rose, 18ème/19ème siècle


H 7,6 - L 10 cm (the largest cup)

H 3,7 cm - Dia.: 6,8 cm (the smallest cup)

H 11,2 -  L 12,3 cm (the teapot)

H 5,8 - L 13,6 - D 8,5 cm (the cricket box)

H 6,9 cm - Dia.: 6,1 cm (the largest box and cover)

H 6,4 cm - Dia.: 5,2 cm (the smallest box and cover)

H 11,1 cm - Dia.: 9,3 cm (the stacking box)


Condition: (UV-checked)

- The cups: in very good condition, with minor superficial wear. One cup with a negligible glaze chip to the underside of the ear. One with a negligible chip to the inside of the bottom rim.

- The cricket box in very good condition, the inside rim with overpaint.

- The teapot and cover: in good condition with superficial wear, glaze chips to the spout, the top rim with a refilled chip and a small 2mm chip. The cover with superficial small chips to the rims.

- The bowls: the smallest one in very good condition, the tallest one with a hairline of 7 mm and some minor rim chips.

- The box and cover: in good condition, with a refilled negligible chip to the cover. 

- The 'Wu Shuang Pu' box and cover: the cover with two small chips to the outside and one small chip to the inner rim, the box with multiple small chips to the top rim and with related hairlines. 

- The stacking box: (1, from bottom to top) with a hairline of 2 cm running from the side to the bottom and the rim with minor chips, (2) negligible fritting to the rim (3) baking flaw, only visible on the inside, (4) hairline of ca. 2 cm. 



Adjudication frais incl.: € 1.657,50