Peter Thijs (1624-1677): De god van de wind Zephyr , olie op paneel


Work: 43,5 x 31,6 cm 


Zephyr (Zephyros or Zephyrus) is a Greek mythological figure. He was one of the four winds (Anemoi), and was the personification of the west wind, the gentlest of the winds. Zephyr is known as the fructifying wind, the messenger of spring. The Romans equated him with Favonius. (link)

Peter Thijs (or Pieter Thys) became a master in Antwerp's Guild of St. Luke in 1644 and from around 1647 worked for Archduke Leopold William in Brussels and the House of Orange in The Hague. He executed allegorical and mythological compositions for both courts and was also active as a portrait painter. Later in his career Thijs concentrated mainly on religious compositions for the Antwerp religious community but also painted mythological scenes and portraits for individuals and the art trade in Antwerp. From the the beginning of his career, Thijs was greatly influenced by the later work of Van Dyck. This may be related to the fact that his early patrons were rulers whose taste was formed by Van Dyck's refined courtly style. Furthermore, Thijs also was a student of Van Dyck. In addition, he also enjoyed his education in the workshops of Gonzales Coques and Artus Deurweerders. (link)