René Théodore Berthon (1776-1859): Madonna van de Rozenkrans, olie op doek, gedateerd 1845


Work: 223 x 180 cm

Frame: 246 x 205 cm


The date rather difficult to read, although it is without any doubt in the 1840s. 

René Théodore Berthon (1776-1859) was a French painter, born in Tours in 1776 and died in Paris. He studied under the famous painter Jacques-Louis David (1748-1825). He painted portraits and religious and historical subjects, which gained him a certain reputation in the days of the First Empire and the Restoration. Some of his paintings are part of the Versailles collection. (link) He was the father of the portrait painter George Théodore Berthon, who emigrated to England and Canada, and the miniature painter Sidonie Berthon. (link)