Flemish school: Perseus and Andromeda, oil on canvas, 17th C.


Work: ca. 172,3 x 110,5 cm

Frame: 188 x 125,5 cm



- The painting in general in good and hangable condition.

- Relined, due to a number of small holes and tears in a few places in the original canvas.

- With UV light, some restorations can be seen, at least in two different phases, but barely in the central scene (mainly in the sky on the left side and the top). Contours of the chains and rocks reinforced. 

 - Hardly any or no overpainting in the important figures (sea monster, Perseaus and Andromeda): tip of the horse's left wing, both Andromeda's knees, and the cloak near the right hand.

- See also the additional pictures.

Price incl. premium: € 10.200