After Massimiliano Soldani Benzi (1656-1740): Dancing faun with cymbals, patinated bronze, 19th C.


H 30,6 cm


This Italian patinated bronze figure of the 'Uffizi' dancing faun standing on a round base, holding cymbals (or crotala) in his hand and with a kroupezion, is known from different in Rome excavated copies after a Greek statue - most probabably by Praxiteles (e.g. Florence, Uffizi Gallery; Rome, National Gallery of Ancient Art of Corsini Palace, Inv. no. 710). The 'Dancing Faun' was seen as one of the finest ancient sculptures. Casts were made from the 1680s onwards. The sculpture was very popular in the 19th C. as a Grand Tour souvenir.

Price incl. premium: € 765