Three Russian icons, 18th/19th C.


34,5 x 30 cm (Four saints and Our Lady)

32,3 x 28,2 cm (Three saints and 'Our Lady of all sorrow', 'Mandylion' and 'Ascension of Elijah into the heavens')

31,6 x 26,7 cm (Posssibly Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk, bishop of Voronezh, surrounded by saints and bishops)


Condition: (UV-checked)

- The left icon with some minor damage and overpaint. The reverse with a lot of annotations.

- The icon in the middle with wear and some damage. 

- The icon at the right side with some minor damage (especially to the borders) and some minor overpaint ( esp. central parts). The separation between the two panels becomes visible.





Price incl. premium: € 573,75