Seven Chinese blue and white plates and three bowls, incl. the Diana Cargo shipwreck wares, 19th C.


Dia.: 28,3 - 18,2 cm (the largest and the smallest plate)

H 8,2 - 7,4 cm (the tallest and the smallest bowl)

Dia.: 18 - 16,7 cm (the largest and the smallest bowl)

Condition: (UV-checked)
- The two Diana cargo labeled bowls in good condition with glaze deterioration due to immersion.
- The bowl in the middle with a 6 cm hairline and two rim chips.
- The smallest dish with central character in good condition.
- The small dish on the far left with a rim chip.
- The three 'Shou' dishes: one excellent; one with some fritting on the rim and a 4 cm hairline, one with a rim chip and two 6 and 3 cm hairlines.
- The floral design Diana cargo dish in good condition.
- The dish with horses in good condition.

Provenance: Some items with a Christie's 'Diana Cargo' March 1995 label at the reverse.

The Diana hit on the 14th of March 1817 some rocks of the Straits of Malacca and sank. The wreck - with tons of beautiful blue and white porcelain - was identified and recovered in the nineties by Dorian Ball. Christie's auctioned the porcelain cargo in Amsterdam in March 1995 (link).

Estimate: € 400 - € 800