Flemish school, David Teniers II and/or workshop (1610-1690): The guard room, oil on panel, 17th C.

Work: 64 x 48,8 cm

Frame: 81 x 65 cm


The work is accompanied by two documents from Mr. Jan Bender, honorary chief restorer of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp. In the most recent document (May 2018), Mr Jan Bender, who also quotes Prof. dr. em. Roger D'hulst (Professor of Art History at Ghent University and for some time chairman of the Rubenianum in Antwerp), emphasizes David Teniers' share in the painting.

The work has been professionally restored by Mr. Jan Bender in 1991.

A signature (D. Teniers f...) at the bottom in the middle.


The representation of a guard room is certainly not exceptional for the oeuvre of David Teniers and his workshop, see, for example: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, object number SK-A-398 (link).  


Estimate: € 2000 - € 4000