Frans II Francken (1581-1642): Paradise with the creation of Eve, oil on panel


Work: 85 x 53 cm

Frame: 92,5 x 60,4 cm



- Private collection, Belgium.


Condition: (UV-checked)

- The painting in good and hangable condition, in a period but worn frame.

- Gesso prepared back of the panel.

- Typical and usual minor damage to the borders, especially left bottom corner.

- Some minor touch-ups, especially the tree stump under the peacock.

- Between the dog and the chicken a repaired lacuna, but barely visible.

- Hardly any repairs can be seen under UV light, but the old varnish does light up.

- Some old retouching in the sky.

- The painting 'upholstered' by Frans II Francken (1581-1642) and the setting by Adriaen van Stalbempt (1580-1662). (Dr. Klaus Ertz)

Price incl. premium: € 33.150