Ten various Chinese blue and white vases, 19th/20th C.


H 42,5 - 8,5 cm (the tallest and the smallest vase)

Condition: (UV-checked)(From left to right)
- The bottoms of the three largest vases are oversprayed.
- The middle one 07: with a baking flaw on the inside of bottom.
- The rooster vase 02: with a hairline of ca. 12 cm on the inside of bottom.
- The lotus vase 09: in good condition.

(From left to right)
- Vase 01: The top rim with a C-shaped hairline and one superficial chip.
- Vase 03: The top rim with one small superficial chip and one burst glaze bubble on the character “喜”.
- Vase 04: Two long hairlines located in the middle of vase(炸肚).
- Vase 05: Three star-shaped glazelines on the inside of vase, but invisible on the outside(瓶内三个鸡爪,不透). One superficial chip on the foot rim.
- Vase 07: A C-shaped hairline on the top rim.
- Vase 08: A short hairline on the top rim.
- Vase 10: Excellent.

Price incl. premium: € 1.402,50