Leo Piron (1899-1962): 'Nukerke', oil on canvas


Work: 60 x 50 cm

Frame: 78,6 x 68,8 cm


Leo Piron was born in Marcinelle in 1899, but is considered to be a true native of Aalst. He studied in Aalst at the Academy, where he will later also teach, as well as at the Academy in Ghent. After a short period in Paris and Brittany, he met the artist Valerius De Saedeleer around 1926 in Etikhove, who would also become his father-in-law. Piron is best known for his almost miniature landscapes for which he found his inspiration in the Flemish Ardennes. His soft, muted colour palette and harmonic compositions emphasize the inner character of his paintings. In an elegant and stylized way he portrays those typical views (link).

Price incl. premium: € 701,25