Een indrukwekkende Chinese bronzen wierookbrander met draken en vlammende parels, Qianlong merk en periode


H 46,5 cm

L ca. 45 cm

Dia.: 27,5 cm (top)

Weight: 56,8 kg

- Generally in good condition.
- The handles likely disconnected at some point and re-attached using later nails, visible on the inside.
- Numerous scuff marks, dings and small dents throughout.
- A few very small repaired sections along the rim.
- Some rust on the inside and superficial corrosion on the outside.


- Private collection, Belgium, Antwerp.
- Acquirred in the London art market in the third quarter of the 20th C.

Hamerprijs incl. commissie: € 216.750,00